Everything you need to know before signing up with BeardSocial

If you are thinking of using BeardSocial for your Instagram growth, we highly recommend you go through this page first. And we will be updating this page from time to time. It is really important that you know what we do and you know how to get the best out of our growth service.

Update 2019-12-29: Important highlights regarding our service and how you should support us do our job

Instagram changes the way it works frequently by updating their algorithm. Which is something we can not fool and we shouldn’t fool at all. With their latest algorithm update, we have to reconsider the way we serve our clients.

We are sorry for being restrictive. Yet, this is for your own and our own good and safety. We always value our customers and all our efforts are to make your ‘BeardSocial’ experiences a pleasant one.

  1. Frequently log into your Instagram from different devices

In this management, we will log into your Instagram from one of our mobile devices. And it is highly likely that you will also be logged into your Instagram from your devices. Which is fine.

But, we highly recommend you not to use multiple devices. Because multiple login events would raise unwanted flags and that is the last thing we need.

Therefore we highly recommend you only log into your Instagram from your mobile device and let us do our job.

  • We need at least 12hrs per day to work on your account

Yes, if you are login into your Instagram, doing likes, leaving comments without a schedule, it is highly likely to create problems.

This is how it can be a problem.

Assume that you are doing likes, comments from your mobile device and we are also doing the same from our end. The real problem is, we will be accessing the same Instagram account from 2 different locations/IP addresses and doing actions. This can raise serious problems.

Therefore we need our time. If you can not give us ‘our own time’, then this won’t work.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be giving likes, leaving comments, when we are doing our job.

  • You should be posting as usual

Yes, growing Instagram is teamwork. No matter how good our strategy is, it will not get you results, if you do not post to Instagram.

Please do not look for results, if you can not fulfill this important requirement.

You can do usual posts, Stories, Reels, etc

  • Two-step verifications AKA 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We know that 2FA for extra security But, it is recommended that you disable it when you are using our service. The reason is, we may be login into your account every single day at designated times. When you have 2FA enabled, it is highly likely that we have to reach out to you for the verification code.

This can be time-consuming and given the time zone differences, you might be sleeping when we are login into your account.

In recent years this has made things much harder for us and it has wasted hours. So, you better disable it, if you need our help with your Instagram.

We have no intention of stealing or misusing your personal information nor your digital assets (in this case your Instagram account). We just need to deliver a flawless and smooth service to you to keep you as a paying client.

  • Don’t buy likes or followers, EVER!

Yes, this is the worst thing you could do to your Instagram. Never ever buy followers or likes for super cheap prices. All these followers are likes are fake and they will not do any good at all.

Even if you have purchased likes or followers before using our service, you may let us know beforehand. Because such accounts with fake followers and likes are highly vulnerable to get restricted by Instagram.

Update 2020-02-10: How many followers will I get in my first month and beyond

This has been addressed quite a few times and yet, almost all our clients are reaching out to us and need this question to be answered by us.

The truth is, we can not promise you numbers!

Well, yes, at least we are honest. We know that there are hundreds of Instagram growth services and they are promising thousands of followers per month, regardless of the quality of the followers they get for you.

Our approach and strategy are different. They all have been formed keeping in mind people who are looking for sustainable growth in their Instagram account. Not just an overnight growth.

If you need results, then you should help us by posting quality content. If possible, post at least one time per day. With all our organic growth strategies and you posting quality content, the growth of your Instagram account is inevitable. That is the perfect way of growing your Instagram and we are always here for you.

We have clients who are getting around 5000 new followers per month and some are getting 400 new followers per month.

If you may wonder why someone is getting 5K followers per month and someone is failing to get at least 500 new followers per month, the answer is not simple. Yet, we will try our best to simplify it.

The growth of an account depends on many factors.

  • Niche: Some niches are trending and somewhat easier to grow compared to other niches.

i.e. Beauty/Fashion/Travel niches are super trending and somewhat easy to grow. Frankly, they grow on their own sometimes 😀 . But, if your niche is something like backyard chicken coops and animal husbandry, then compared to other niches, they may take time and effort to grow.

  • Quality of the content: It is needless to say that Instagram is more about how visually appealing you are. That being said, the quality of the content is imperative and as much as you put quality content out, you are highly likely to get promoted by Instagram’s algorithm and get more followers and likes in the long run.
  • Frequency of the postings: Yes, it is recommended to post at least one time per day. As much as you post while adhering to Instagram Posting Best Practices (Such as Quality Hashtags, Quality caption, Posting times, etc) you are entitled to get more followers, likes, and comments.
  • Consistency of the postings: You should be consistent when postings. Even though you managed to post one time per day, you should find your ‘sweet spot’ for posting. It won’t do any good if you post randomly without having a proper schedule.
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